Hello There. We're 28TEN a Social Media Agency.

Hello we're 28TEN. A social media agency. We offer a range of services and tools that can help your business achieve it's goals online. We create engaging, effective and entertaining social media content that your customers will love. We're in the business of being social, so come chat with us and lets work together.

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What We Do. Planning, Content Creation, Advertising, Community.

We combine the four key areas of successful social media management, planning, content creation, social advertising and community management and combine them into one easy to use package. Giving you the tools, and expertise to compete across social media and beyond.

Planning.Planning is Key to Success.

We research, collect, and monitor data to build a carefully designed plan which feeds directly into your business's overall online goals.

Content Creation.Engaging, and Effective Content.

The powerhouse behind any successful social media platform. We create engaging, and shareable content that your audience will love.

Social Advertising.Get Your Business Noticed.

Social Advertising is the backbone when building a successful and thriving social media platform. We can build, implement and manage a range of social marketing campaigns to get your business noticed.

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Community Management.We're Your Eyes and Ears.

We're there to act as your virtual customer contact agent. Answering questions, responding to comments and ensuring your customers have a great experience when connecting with your business via social media.

We're confident we can help your business grow online. Have a question or want to find out more? Come chat with us.

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